Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cupcakes, Pajamas, and Nail Polish.

Our Meal Swap group has been experimenting with different themes for our meets. This month was a salute to our childhood days of pajama parties! Who doesn't love dressing comfortably, eating polka-dot cupcakes, and playing with fingernail polish? This girl does!
Sometimes life has a way of being too grown-up, serious, and busy. I can't remember the last time I actually painted my toenails!

As a result of this wonderful evening, I found it impossible to think about anything but friends, conversation, and laughter. The to-do list and stresses that normally occupy my brain-space were temporarily evicted!

I will speak for myself because I know many of my friends are already much better at this than me, but, I think this pajama party was more than a really fun evening. It was a reminder to the 'grown-up me' to appreciate the little things. It was a way to learn more about the women in my life and their own struggles and joys.

This pajama party experience makes me wonder what kinds of world issues could be solved with snacks, cute pajamas, and a few bottles of vividly colored nail polish. Ok, while that might be a stretch, you have to admit, it's fun to imagine our world leaders having a big pajama party at a UN meeting...