Monday, June 28, 2010

The People Living in Your Catalog

Ever wonder why the beautiful bed-set in the Pottery Barn catalog must be accompanied by an unraveling ball of twine, or why the new patio set is simply uninviting without a plate of fruit set underneath a nearby table?
Well, I never actually cared about such things until now. The author of this blog writes hilarious captions to everyday pictures cut from catalogs. I guess I've never noticed exactly how staged, and ridiculous some catalogs make their merchandise in order to sell it. Downright impractical! She uses fictional characters, Elaine & Gary, to point out the odd items in the photos.
If you have time, and feel (or need!) a laugh...I would highly recommend this blog. I will never look at a catalog the same way again.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Meal Swap Gold Mine!

A friend recently baked up a bunch of meals for a family member who was welcoming a new baby home. In her search for meals that could be easily frozen and reheated, she came across this website
I am ashamed to admit how much time I have spent this morning browsing the recipes, tips, and looking at the enticing photos. I am already finding recipe ideas to cook for our family, and maybe include in our next meal swap. Enjoy the site!