Saturday, January 7, 2012

Soup Is...

Excerpted from: I'm a Lutheran           
Garrison Keillor

We've got chow mein noodles on tuna hot dish
And Jello with cottage cheese,
And chocolate bars and banana cream pie,
No wonder we're on our knees.
This is the church where we sing Amen
At the end of every song.
The coffee pot is always on
Cause the meetings are three hours long.
The blessed tie that binds our hearts
Is cream of mushroom soup.
We do not walk through the door alone.
We wait and go as a group. 

I think this poem is an appropriate reflection of our recent Meal Swap theme.  Soups and stews.   Comfort and fellowship.  As a group, we decided to skip our usual casseroles and frozen meals in favor of making soup.  The holiday season is a busy time of year, and while preparing a soup does take time, it can be whipped up a little faster than most dishes.  

Sitting down for a warm meal with my family, on a cold evening, is a simple joy.  
Just like soup improves with time, it takes restful moments and extra time to appreciate the finest qualities family has to offer.  The sounds of slurping, sipping, and clinking spoons on old pottery are truly pleasing sounds. 

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